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3 Gorgeous and FREE Quilting Patterns

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It's about 6 A.M. right now, and this is the time of day i get to myself.  I usually wake up between 4:30 and 5:00, and I've got my routine.  Get up.. Make coffee.. Make breakfast if it's a gym day.. Then settle in to my 'online work'.  Much of the time that means trying to type while one, or both, of my cats come to say good morning (and try to edit whatever i'm working on), and then trying to get as much work done before my 2 year old barrels out of her room rubbing her eyes, yawn/sighing and announcing, "I awake".  One day, maybe soon, maybe years from now, I dream of being able to work on WIP at this time of day. 

Instead, this morning is about inspiration

Looking at gorgeous quilts that anyone can make, and the patterns are all free!  My criteria for the list was:

#1 - Of course, that it's a free pattern

#2 - The pattern be relatively simple, so even a beginner could try their hand.

#3 - Have an appealing aesthetic (in my eyes)

#4 - That the pattern wouldn't necessarily have to use the fabrics called for, and that it should be relatively easy to find fabric in a matching colour-scheme.



The first quilt on the list is the first quilt I've ever wanted to make, and the first complete line of fabric we brought into the shop, Adrienne Leban's Rapture Quilt.  This is using the Biogeo line by Free Spirit, which can be found here. I liked how simple this quilt is, and that, yes, you can replace the print with a wide variety of other patterns and still have a gorgeous quilt.  That said, what attracted me to this quilt in the first place are the beautiful flowing lines.  I never thought i'd love geometry after high school but, here we are.



The second quilt on the list is an Art Gallery Quilt, the Petal Sparks Quilt

This quilt is made with the AGF Flowerette line, but it would be easy enough to find many alternatives to the mains and blenders. Streamers by AGF is one such easy replacement from our site.

And the third quilt on the list is another freespirit quilt, Evening Breeze Quilt 

This one features Denise Burkitt's Stillness in Nature, and we have a few of those fabrics here.  I can see using Kaffe fabrics on this one, too..


My short list, but some fun ideas!  Maybe it's blasphemy suggesting other fabrics in place of what a quilt calls for, but I'm a 'draw outside the lines' kind of person!


What is one of your favorite free quilting patterns?